After School Activities for 2019-20

  • Clubs meet immediately after school each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. The activity ends at 4:05 p.m. Bus transportation available for resident students. Students must scan their ID in order to board the bus.
  • If you are in ISS, have a 1-hr, 2-hr, or are absent on that day, you may NOT attend an after-school activity.
  • Each student must pay a $20 After School Activity Fee and have a signed parent permission form turned in before they are eligible to participate


Daily Activities

Homework Club & Math Tutoring

Meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday thru May 1st. For Homework Club, you must sign-up on with the grade level Homework Club sponsor on each day of attendance. Students MUST bring homework with them to complete during the afterschool club. Math Tutoring is open to all students grades 6-8 for the first 15 students that sign up.


Homework Club

6th - Thorpe

7th - Rice

8th - Biever

Math Tutoring

Ms. Jordan, room 236


Homework Club

6th - Sauerwein

7th - Huber

8th - Zoltanski/Seibert

Math Tutoring

Ms. Mathis, room 309


Homework Club

6th - Crocker, room 231

7th - Slane

8th - K. Weber

Math Tutoring

Ms. Thorpe, room 302

Yearbook TBD begins meeting in October. More information will be available soon.


Middle School Sports


  • Cross Country –Coach Payne
  • Girls Volleyball - Coach Franken & Coach Gilbert
  • Swim at PHS Aquatic Complex
  • Basketball with Larry Hughes
  • Soccer with Scott Gallagher


  • Boys Volleyball - Coach Franken
  • Track & Field –Coach Franken & Coach Sepanski
  • Girls Field Hockey - Coach Dalton & Coach Ross
  • Girls Lacrosse - Coach Hamer
  • Swim at PHS Aquatic Complex
  • Soccer with Scott Gallagher
  • Tennis Clinics with Vetta Sports

Watch for specific announcements throughout the year pertaining to the various sports.


Activity Descriptions

Art Club
ART CLUB is open to 6th-8th grade students. Space is limited to the first 20 students who sign-up each week. If you like to create independent art pieces, ART CLUB is for you!. We will meet most Wednesdays in room 112.

Sponsor: Ms. Van Ryn

Art Club Sign-Up

Book Battle
Attention avid readers:
Join the Book Battle Club to discuss this year's Area-Wide Book Battle books & prepare for the January tryouts for our Heights' team. Meetings will be held in the Library on Tuesdays beginning 2nd grading period.

Sponsor: Ms. Zoltanski

Electronic Gaming Club
In the spirit of helping all students feeling connected to their school environment and form relationships, which have proven to be a key component of academic success, this type of club with a staff member sponsor is beneficial to students. The club will focus heavily on playing games, writing reviews, gaming tips, and summaries of many top rated (appropriate) games (Rated Teen or Below) to be submitted to the Eye-on-Heights. Information related to video game ratings can be found at: .

Sign-up for Electronic Gaming Club here.

Sponsor: Mr. Seibert

Heights Band Club
Band Club is a time for students to practice with their friends, use the band iPads to access SmartMusic, receive help from Ms. Hall and work on solo and small ensemble music from the band room library. Band Club is open to all Heights Band members in all three grade levels. Students may attend when they wish - they do not have to commit to coming to every Wednesday club. Also, there is no advance sign-up. Please just make sure that you have gotten permission to stay after from your parents before coming to school on Wednesdays.

Sponsor: Ms. Hall & Ms. Pace

Hot Topic Club
On every other Thursday, students will also have the opportunity to discuss current events in a student-lead forum called ‘Hot Topic’.

Sponsor: Mr. Winship

Leaping Lizards
Leaping Lizards is a club for environmentally-minded students who like to combine community service activities with environmental issues and events. Students promote ecological awareness here at the Heights by recycling paper, "red-barrel" plastics/bottles, ink-jet cartridges, and by publicizing community-wide electronic waste collection days. We will meet Tuesdays after school in the 6th grade large-group room!

Sponsor: Ms. Sepanski

Makerspace Club
Is it fun for you tinker with robots and electronics? How about creating things like marble mazes? Do you like to experiment with computer coding? What about building things? Or are you the crafty type who likes to come up with your own creations? Then Makerspace Club is for you. We will meet three times per month. The first 20 students who sign up to stay after school in the library will get to explore a variety of Makerspace stations that week.

Meeting Dates: Most Thursdays

Sponsors: Ms. Harder and Ms. Sallee

Naturalist Club

If you enjoy being outside, learning about plants and animals, AND want to make the Earth a better place, this is for you! Depending on the day, we might have guest speakers, hike, garden, learn how to take nature photographs, use binoculars to study wildlife, participate in BioBlitz, cook, create natural products, or whatever else the group wants to learn about in nature.

Sponsor: Ms. Salee

Renaissance Club
Come join the Renaissance Club. We meet most Tuesdays in Room 103. In the club, you will help plan school events, such as the Halloween Dance and a new spring event this year! You must have good citizenship and plan to attend regularly.

Sponsor: Mr. Brown

Pattonville Junior Honor Society
School-wide honors club that recognizes 7th and 8th grade students for their academic achievement and involves them in service activities within the school and community. Students MUST fill out the PJHS application and need to have qualifying grades and conduct at school to be considered.Students that are selected by this application process will remain in PJHS their entire time at Pattonville Heights as long as they remain in good standing with grades and conduct. PJHS students have a ten dollar fee and meet twice a month.

Sponsors: Ms. Gibson & Ms. Robin

Step Club
The Heights Step Club is the place to learn choreographed movements, steps and chants to perform as a team. You will learn and develop new step routines and express creativity with enthusiasm and precision. Heights Step Club will meet on Thursdays beginning in October.

Sponsor: Ms. Metheney

Yearbook Club
Be a part of the yearbook staff! We are looking for representation from each grade level and each team. You need to be able to attend after-school events such as dances and tournaments. We will meet on selected days beginning in October.

Sponsor: Mr. Gindler